Artist's Statement

I think this is the hardest part...telling why I do this.  After hours and hours, spent writing it down, I read it and re-read it and it always falls short: too far to the left or right ... too self-conscious, over-thought, over-explained, under-explained ... and, in the end, it always just boils down to the simple fact that I do it because I can't help it. It keeps me happy, relatively sane and out of the funny farm ... or jail.

But ... I can tell you my favorite parts of doing it ...  I love lines and colors.  I love the human form.  I love what light does and the challenge and reward of recreating the illusion.  I love the magic of inspiration using me as conduit...the miracle of a thought or feeling or vision becoming suddenly or painstakingly tangible.  I love getting dirty hands and paint on my face.  I love it when someone finds something of themselves or for themselves, in an image that I realized.  I love the solitude of the process. I love blank sheets of 300 lb. watercolor paper.  I love sharp pencils and new pointy brushes, and old scruffy brushes.  I love the smell of turpentine, but not all the time.  I love it when a painting paints itself.  I love my sketchbooks, ink spilled on the floor, new kneaded erasers, 5 minute figure studies, getting lost in working, painting all day outside, making a mess in the studio and cleaning up the studio so I can start a new mess.

I love my family for letting me have space for this in my life.  I love the other artists in my life who shore me up and support me and excite me and inspire me.  I love this cursed blessing and this blessed curse.

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