To whom it may concern:

It has been my rare pleasure to work with Bim Jones for 8 years of my tenure as CEO of Oakworks, Inc and its sister company Oakworks

Leasing, Inc. Having grown those companies for 30 years and having managed staff levels of up to 160 people, I had the pleasure to encourage many careers to develop. Few matched Ms. Jones in diversity, responsibility or long-term benefit to the companies.

Beginning as a part time sales person in Oakworks Leasing, Inc. her creativity, teamwork, and intelligence stood out. She replaced her sales manager within her first year. With her extraordinary artistic talent, she then filled an opening in our in-house advertising department.

As a quick and tenacious self-learner, Ms. Jones began copy writing and web site development, never having done either job, and finally took over as Creative Director. As a testament to her capabilities and professionalism, she was able to take over the management position from her supervisor AND keep her on as a valuable and respected employee for several years.

During her tenure in this position, she was responsible for a staff of up to 6 who produced and managed, among other things:

Video and text manuals

Numerous complex websites

16-24 full-page, 4-color ads, designed for the unique cultures and product lines of each market segment

Many market-specific catalogs per year (1-2 for each market segment)

Customized cut sheets and customized catalogs to meet specific dealer’s needs

In-house, 4-color printing of runs of up to 2000 copies of cut sheets and customized catalogs and procurement of large printing jobs with
several high quality printing companies

Brand image development and management

Public Relations

All of this was done, even under enormous deadline and workload pressure, with a sense of humor and determination to help the companies succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly.


Linda A. Riach

CEO, Retired





I had the opportunity to work with Bim at Oakworks. As Director of Advertising, Bim built a very strong image for the Oakworks brand. Her creative approach made the Company's advertising stand out from the competition in a very crowd market. Her attention to detail created a consistent, thought provoking message. As the leader of the Advertising department, Bim was a strong, but compassionate Manager. As result, she built a highly motivated organization that always brought in their projects on time and on budget.

Glenn Barras

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Oakworks

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